The dwarf galaxy Gaia-Enceladus collided with the Milky Way probably approximately A team of researchers including scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany for the first time used a single star affected by the collision as a clue for dating. Using observational data from ground-based observatories and space telescopes, the scientists led by the University of Birmingham were able to determine the age of the star and the role it played in the collision. The research group describes its results in today’s issue of Nature Astronomy. On cosmic time scales, the colliding and merging of galaxies is not uncommon. Even if both galaxies involved are of very different sizes, such a collision leaves clear traces in the larger one.

automotive Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

First, some of the best technology companies of the future are likely being created today because of this pandemic. Second, never has it been more important to pay attention to customers … to spend more time with them and really listen to their needs. We at KPMG Private Enterprise have always believed in the tremendous possibilities for entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies and the impact these can have on society. Our current health, social and economic crises only serve to reinforce that belief.

Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics. Vol. (Volume publication date December ) First published online as a Review in Advance on September 10, collisions), millions (power line electrocutions, communication tower collisions), and hundreds of thousands (wind turbine collisions).

The Juno spacecraft, which successfully entered the orbit of Jupiter on July 4, , will for the first time peer below the dense cover of clouds to answer questions about the gas giant and the origins of our solar system. Juno’s primary goal is to reveal the story of Jupiter’s formation and evolution.

Using long-proven technologies on a spinning spacecraft placed in an elliptical polar orbit, Juno will observe Jupiter’s gravity and magnetic fields, atmospheric dynamics and composition, and evolution. This provides for an additional 41 months in orbit around Jupiter and will enable Juno to achieve its primary science objectives. Juno is in day orbits rather than day orbits as initially planned because of a concern about valves on the spacecraft’s fuel system.

This longer orbit means that it will take more time to collect the needed science data.

Online Dating: Where Technology and Evolution Collide

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Models of distance education have evolved over decades, just in time to collide with modern pedagogies in Worlds Collide: Exploring the Use of Social Media Technologies for Online Learning Date Written: June 22,

Transactional security has been a concern since long before the internet came along and drove so much commerce away from the store fronts. The technology that secures payments has changed quite dramatically in both the online and offline worlds in recent years, and the days of relying upon holding currency up to the light or comparing signatures on credit cards offline are long gone, soon to be joined by simplistic online transactional authentication methods like card verification codes.

But does this necessarily mean that online and offline payment security is diverging to the point of total separation, or are there intersects between the two? More to the point, do these two transactional security technology worlds help or hinder each other? The answers may surprise you. The first thing to consider when looking at the evolution of payment security technologies is how they are approached both on- and offline and determine whether there is any overlap.


A single bright star in the constellation of Indus, visible from the southern hemisphere, has revealed new insights on an ancient collision that our galaxy the Milky Way underwent with another smaller galaxy called Gaia-Enceladus early in its history. An international team of scientists led by the University of Birmingham adopted the novel approach of applying the forensic characterisation of a single ancient, bright star called?

Indi as a probe of the history of the Milky Way. Stars carry “fossilized records” of their histories and hence the environments in which they formed. The team used data from satellites and ground-based telescopes to unlock this information from? Their results are published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (46 papers and secured information transfer for congestion avoidance and collision detection as position status, speed, heading, vehicle identification number, date etc. Keywords: Evolutionary Algorithm; Intrusion Detection; Denial-of-Service; IoT.

Want to learn more about the Earth’s tectonic plates? Start your journey into the surface of the Earth with these three quick-fire challenges in our science game. Plate tectonics is an earth sciences topic that attracts a good deal of interest, given that it a topic very often featured in popular science programmes on TV and radio. It is a subject that has strong visual appeal.

In this hour free course the coverage is self-contained, up to date and is written in a way that will be accessible to those with interest and motivation, all the more so for those who have some pre-existing scientific understanding. Earthquakes shake the ground surface, can cause buildings to collapse, disrupt transport and services, and can cause fires. They can trigger landslides and tsunami in short, earthquakes can be very destructive.

In this free course, Earthquakes, you will look at why, where and what happens when they occur and also at how earthquakes are assessed qualitatively and quantitatively. Some of Britain’s most dramatic scenery is to be found in the Scottish Highlands. The sight of mighty Ben Nevis, the desolate plateau of the Cairngorms, or the imposing landscapes of Glen Coe can unleash the call of the wild in all of us.

Although these landforms were largely carved by glacial activity that ended some 10, years ago, the rocks themselves tell of a much older history. The Highlands are merely eroded stumps of a much higher range of ancient mountains.

Section 6: Overall Impact of Technology on the Arts

In an opinion piece titled, Pioneering collision awareness technology enables safer mining practices , Hoffman went into the history of this technology, as well as the milestones the Wabtec team have achieved. In several respects, South Africa is leading the way in this drive towards the ideal of a mining industry with zero avoidable fatalities. Collision awareness is a crucial component of this quest, contributing to the layers of protection against significant risk associated with vehicle interactions.

The exhibition features a rarely displayed body of late work dating to announce the solo exhibition Dorothea Tanning: Worlds in Collision. a more personal engagement with contemporary technology in her works from this period. Tanning’s meditations on evolution, humankind’s place in the world.

The formation of the Sun, the Solar System and the subsequent emergence of life on Earth may be a consequence of a collision between our galaxy, the Milky Way, and a smaller galaxy called Sagittarius, discovered in the s to be orbiting our galactic home. Astronomers have pondered for years why our galaxy, the Milky Way, is warped. Data from ESA’s star-mapping satellite Gaia suggest the distortion might be caused by an ongoing collision with another, smaller, galaxy, which sends ripples through the galactic disc like a rock thrown into water.

Rather than leaving home young, as expected, stellar ‘siblings’ prefer to stick together in long-lasting, string-like groups, finds a new study of data from ESA’s Gaia spacecraft. On 31 March , Jupiter’s moon Europa passed in front of a background star — a rare event that was captured for the first time by ground-based telescopes thanks to data provided by ESA’s Gaia spacecraft. ESA uses cookies to track visits to our website only, no personal information is collected.

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Direct dioxygen evolution in collisions of carbon dioxide with surfaces

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Keywords: information and communication technologies, English teaching, This was followed by face-to-face and online schools and teachers and evolve such qualifications to encourage and the NCEA has had no impact to date.

Asked to forecast the impact that technology and social media will have on the field as a whole in the coming years, respondents mentioned everything from practical implications to broader, soul-searching ideas about the future of creativity. From a practical standpoint, many organizations state that technology will make them more efficient:.

The internet makes it possible for our organization to market ourselves more effectively through online advertising, blog presences, and social media exchanges. We have been able to decrease our budgets and increase revenue by utilizing online resources effectively. For arts programmers, the access to high quality media to review artists in advance of assessing them live has been a huge step forward.

Last-minute ticket-buying and the trend away from traditional subscription packages will probably continue, as the internet has freed people up from having to plan for most event attendance far in advance. This will affect the predictability of revenue. On the positive side, social media has been a wonderful tool for word-of-mouth marketing.

Going Beyond the Swipe, a Changing Trend in Online Dating