Let’s Talk About Japanese/Korean Idols and that No Dating Rule (Let’s Throw in Western Idols Too)

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Opinion: Idols Need to Stop Apologizing for Dating

The spectacle has sparked debate in Japan over whether the band AKB48 exerts too much control over its performers. AKB48 says it forbids its members from dating to project a clean image and signal their devotion to the group and their mostly male fans. This is a YouTube clip of Minami which went up in June of last year showing her before her head was shaved. A lunchtime summary of content highlights on the Irish Examiner website.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. A Japanese pop idol, hair freshly shaved to the skin, takes to YouTube and bursts into tears as she begs for mercy over her transgression. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to shave my head without telling other band members or my agency.

I don’t expect to be forgiven by doing this, but the first thing I thought was that I didn’t want to quit AKB The article in question came out in the Shukan Bunshun magazine last week, and showed alleged photos of Minegishi leaving the house of boy band member Alan Shirahama. Clad in baseball cap and cotton surgical mask, Minegishi was aiming to dodge paparazzi, but evidently her disguise didn’t work.

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By Roxy Simons For Mailonline. K-Pop boy band BTS revealed on Friday they had plans to disband this year after they had ‘suffered a lot’. J-Hope, 24, was the first to thank fans for the prestigious award, and he broke down in tears as he recalled the hardships that the band had to endure to get to where they are today. C’s for Youth. J-Hope had apparently set off the other members, as they were all teary-eyed as Jimin went up next and admitted that while there have been ‘tough times’ they were grateful to their fans around the globe for supporting them.

Japanese idols can’t date/get married? annoyed that isn’t wasn’t management apologizing and sad because the members had teary eyes in.

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Japanese Pop Star Breaks ‘Love-Ban Law,’ Shaves Head to Apologize

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of a hugely popular Japanese girl band has shaved her head and issued a tearful video apology for violating the megagroup’s no-dating rule.

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J-pop Idol’s Teary Apology for Dating

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Minami 23 on a japanese idol s teary apology minegishi, carries her. Fan events monday after sex scandal. It was founded as mayu watanabe watanabemayu.

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IN order to render the Dictionary more portable and convenient in size, the Author has thought it best to abridge the larger work and bring it out in its present form. In so doing, he has omitted the Chinese and Japanese characters, the synonyms, and the examples showing the use of the words, excepting such as contained a peculiar idiom, and which could not be included in a definition. All the native Japanese words, with the exception of those which were rarely used or obsolete, have been retained; as, also, all the words derived from the Chinese which are in current use.

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In order that the Dictionary may be more easily understood, it may be well to explain that, in the Japanese and English Part, the root of the verb only is printed in small capitals, that which follows iii.

J-Hope had apparently set off the other members, as they were all teary-eyed as Jimin went up next and admitted that while there have been ‘.

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By now, you may have heard if this years dating scandal that shook the K-Pop world. Although there has been a lot of praise and support for the couple there has also been a lot of backlash. Fans have allegedly “demanded an explanation” for the relationship from the company, citing reasons such as:.

Japanese pop star Minami Minegishi shaves her head and films an apology after AKB48 said Minegishi, 20, had failed to abide by its cardinal rule – no dating.

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These idols who make up the extremely popular AKB48 girl band, are banned from dating, must “behave,” and are not allowed to have.

She is the last remaining original member of the girl group AKB48 and is also a member of no3b. She is a well known member, as she ranked 14th in the AKB48 general election with 25, votes. She has also been a frequent guest on television variety shows. On January 31, , the weekly tabloid Shukan Bunshun reported that she had spent a night at the apartment of Alan Shirahama , a member of the boy band Generations from Exile Tribe.

On the same day, the AKB48 official channel published a video of Minegishi with her head shaved or more accurately reduced to a crew cut [9] , apologizing to her fans for her “thoughtless behavior” and hoping that the management would let her stay in the group, with other members that she loved. On December 8, , Minegishi announced her graduation.

Popular Minami Minegishi & Minami Takahashi videos