Who Is Samira Wiley’s Wife? ‘OITNB’ Writer Lauren Morelli

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Orange Is the New Black star Taylor Schilling confirms she’s dating Emily Ritz

Morelli first opened up about her sexuality in an essay for Identities. Mic this past May. Though she was married to a man, writing for the show made her realize that she was attracted to women. It wasn’t so much one thing, but the sum of many small details: how uncomfortable I felt around groups of lesbians or how I considered myself shrug a ‘not very sexual person,"” she wrote. Wanting to read a book instead of have sex is a perfectly reasonable preference to have, right?

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Brace yourselves, then, as some of the actors who portray the Litchfield ladies look much different offscreen! Kathryn Janeway, the first woman character to lead a Star Trek series. Mulgrew has been married and divorced twice and has three children, including a daughter whom she placed for adoption after giving birth in her late teens. The aforementioned ex-girlfriend of Piper, Alex is one of the most cunning inmates at Litchfield.

She was initially arrested for smuggling drugs but was released during the show before being locked up again. Similar to Red, Gloria is a respected inmate who eventually runs the kitchen and acts as a mother figure to the younger Latina inmates. Before prison, she ran a store but was locked up for allowing customers to trade food stamps for cash. Gloria is protective of those she cares for and is shown as one of the wisest women at Litchfield.

In a cast full of no-nonsense women, Stone stands tall as an activist for human rights, especially those of women and the LGBTQ community. During a memorable flashback episode, it was revealed she got locked up for possible intent to sell marijuana. The gruff-voiced Frieda becomes friends with Red and some other older inmates inside Litchfield.

Her flashbacks reveal her childhood to be filled with apocalyptic survivalist skills taught by her paranoid father. Like several of her castmates on the show, Soules is openly gay.

Meet The ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cast In Real Life

Subscriber Account active since. With the show’s final seventh season on Netflix, keep reading to see how a majority of the inmates look when they’re not behind bars. If you were sad many of the Litchfield women were left out of season six , they are all back in some way to say goodbye. Piper starts off the series engaged to Larry Jason Biggs.

Film and television actress Mila Kunis came to fame on the sitcom ‘That ’70s Show.’ In film, she’s co-starred in such hits as ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall, ‘Black Swan’ at 14, she landed the role of Jackie Burkhart in the new sitcom That ’70s Show. In Kunis began dating actor Ashton Kutcher, her longtime co-star and.

I’m Dave Davies sitting in for Terry Gross. Today, Netflix is unveiling the entire second season of its most popular original production the women in prison series called “Orange Is The New Black. On today’s show we feature interviews with Piper Kerman, who wrote the memoir the series is based on, and series creator Jenji Kohan, who also created the Showtime series “Weeds.

Beginning today, Netflix is making all 13 episodes of the season available for instant consumption. Six of those episodes were made available for critics to preview, but even the first episode of season two is plenty to remind viewers why “Orange Is The New Black” has gotten so much attention and acclaim. Last season ended with a holiday episode. The female prisoners put on a Christmas pageant at their prison, but the festivities didn’t stay festive. Piper was threatened with death by unhinged fellow inmate Pennsatucky and responded by exposing both mentally and physically.

As the new season begins, about a month after that brutal beat down, we don’t know whether Pennsatucky is dead or alive, and neither does Piper.

Our favorite famous lesbian couples

The news came via a sweet message shared on the women’s Instagram accounts. The actress and the artist are seen embracing in a photo over which Emily wrote, “I couldn’t be more proud to be by your side tayjschilling Happy Pride! Fan accounts including oitnbnl1 later shared the sweet post on Instagram. View this post on Instagram. Though there’s been a lot of speculation about the actress’s sexual identity in large part because her “OITNB” character, Piper Chapman, is bisexual, Taylor has long been private about her dating life.


Netflix’s latest teen comedy created by Kathleen Jordan and executive produced by Weeds and Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan just dropped on August 14, and viewers have so far been showing up for the genre-bending project. First off, Teenage Bounty Hunters isn’t your standard high school comedy. In case the title didn’t tip you off, the series concerns the intersection of two teenage lives with a seedy underworld of action, killing and crime.

In that sense, Teenage Bounty Hunters certainly shares some DNA with Kohan’s hit Showtime series Weeds , which starred Mary Louise Parker as a typical suburban housewife who embraces a new life as a drug dealer to support her two sons after her husband’s sudden death. On Teenage Bounty Hunters , two fraternal twins, Sterling and Blair Wesley, become apprentice bounty hunters to earn a little extra cash so they can pay for damages to their father’s truck.

Much of the show’s drama and comedy falls on the shoulders of the two young actresses tasked with playing the Wesley twins. Sterling is played by Maddie Phillips and Blair by Anjelica Bette Fellini, two up-and-coming talents who have definitely been around the Hollywood block. Here’s why Netflix’s two teenage fugitive hunters look so familiar. Anjelica Bette Fellini got her start in a trio of short films, ‘s indie flick Margot , in which she plays the titular lead, BestWebSeriesEver , and ‘s Too Close to the Sun , which was the directorial debut of Michelle Taft.

In that last one, Fellini played the role of Isabella, a young ballerina who injures herself the night before she’s set to join her dream ballet company via IMDb.

‘Orange’ Creator Jenji Kohan: ‘Piper Was My Trojan Horse’

Love is love and these ladies know how to celebrate it. Join Wonderwall. The stars met at a party in but didn’t strike up a romance at first. According to Portia, she immediately felt a connection to Ellen, but the “Ally McBeal” actress was still hiding her sexuality at the time and didn’t feel ready to confess her feelings. In — after reconnecting with Ellen a year prior — Portia came out as a gay woman and the pair went public as a couple.

of the two young actresses tasked with playing the Wesley twins. executive produced by Weeds and Orange is the New Black creator Jenji appearing on several staples of genre TV in guest spots dating back to

It’s based on a true story: Piper Kerman Piper Chapman in the show was a nice upper-middle class girl living in upstate New York, when all of a sudden the Feds came knocking. Seems ten years earlier, Piper had carried drug money for girlfriend Alex Vause. She was tried, convicted, and spent around a year in a minimum security prison. Her whole life, her relationship with friends, family and fiance, were totally messed up.

And to make things even more complicated, Alex was at the same prison for a time. End of life as you know it? Well, maybe for a time.

Here’s what the cast of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ looks like in real life

The US media reports that the as-yet unnamed actors in the new anthology series, which has been christened “Social Distance,” will film themselves from home. Due to release on Netflix, the new venture will reflect the exceptional context of the global health crisis, which has forced entire populations into quarantine. Following on from the success of “Orange is the New Black,” Netflix is once again teaming up with writer and producer Jenji Kohan for a new series to be entitled “Social Distance.

We are challenging ourselves to do something new: to create and produce virtually so that our cast and crew can stay healthy and safe.

Orange Is The New Black Writer Divorces Husband, Dating Poussey TMZ reports that Morelli is actually dating Samira Wiley, the actress who.

A lot of people have been binge-watching the new Netflix series Orange Is the New Black , which is set in a minimum security women’s prison. The show’s premise comes directly from a memoir of the same name: A white, middle-class woman named Piper, who graduated from a prestigious women’s college, became involved romantically with a woman who was working for a drug ring. They traveled together on out-of-town business, and Piper agreed to carry a suitcase of drug money.

She wasn’t caught, but years later she was named in a drug conspiracy, convicted and sent to prison. Beyond that basic premise, Orange ‘s writers have created a fictionalized version of Piper’s story, as well as fictional backstories for the inmates Piper is serving time with. The memoir was adapted for Netflix by Jenji Kohan, who is also the showrunner, overseeing production of the series. Kohan also created the Showtime series Weeds. She tells Fresh Air ‘s Terry Gross about the show’s close-knit cast, why she chose Netflix, and what draws her to stories about privileged white women and criminality.

There are very few crossroads anymore. We talk about this country as this big melting pot, but it’s a mosaic. There’s all these pieces, they’re next to each other, they’re not necessarily mixing. And I’m looking for those spaces where people actually do mix — and prison just happens to be a terrific one.

Actress, producer-writer of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Marry